Monstera Leaf Obsession for the Home

Posted by Lauren Sumner on

Monstera Leaves fill my house, both with the real live plant and my ceramic Monstera leaf bowls. Here are a few of my favorite ways to bring more Monstera leaves into your life:

Start off at your entry way with this cute doormat from Nickel Designs.


How perfect is the handmade mobile from Natalie Joy Jewelry?


Monstera Leaves look even better in watercolor. I have one of Mika's beautiful leaves in my house. You can find it (and more) here.


Ceramic leaf hangings add a pop of green to your walls. The best part is you can never kill these leaves! Available on my site here.


 Fill you house with Monstera Plants. They are easy to care for and are proven to help improve the air quality in your house. You can find them at your local garden shop or online here.


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